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Hassett Offers Help for Storm Victims – New and Pre-owned

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August 20, 2014

It was hard to miss the devastating storms that rolled through the East Coast and Long Island last weekend. Everyone was surprised by the flash flooding that did some extensive damage to roads, homes, and vehicles.

Judging by the video below, many people’s vehicles were destroyed by trying to drive through high water. Some of them were totally swept away.

We are a community, and we have to stick together and help each other during hard times. That’s why Hassett Automotive is offering $500 towards a new or pre-owned vehicle if your car was damaged during the storm of August 13.storm-offer

How Storm Victims Can Redeem Offer

This offer expires on August 31, so act quickly! We have a wide selection of new Ford, Lincoln, and Subaru vehicles and a stocked pre-owned vehicle inventory. Come see us today for complete details on the offer.