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Ford Revving Up Engine Plant Production in Ohio, Creating Many New Jobs

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April 9, 2014

Whenever your company can pour $500 million dollars into a manufacturing plant, boosting production numbers and also adding many new jobs to the community around the plant, it’s safe to assume it is good times for that company. So that’s exactly what we’re assuming about Ford, as the brand just announced a $500 million expansion to their Lima, Ohio, engine production plant. The Lima plant will hire 300 more workers to help carry the increased production load in Lima.

The money Ford is pouring into the plant will go specifically toward production of the 2.7L EcoBoost engine, which will be put to fuel-efficient use in the 2015 Ford F-150. The Lima plant isn’t the only place in Ohio getting a major upgrade from Ford, either. The Blue Oval also recently announced that they’ll spend $168 million on their Cleveland plant so they can bring production of the 2016 F-650 and F-750 up from Mexico.

The reason Ford keeps pouring money into their production plants, of course, is that their vehicles are more popular than ever. With the world’s best-selling nameplate and America’s best-selling truck series in our inventory, demand is so high that it can be hard to keep up with you guys here at Hassett Automotive. So hurry in today to find the Ford car of your dreams!


2015 ford F-150

Ford Adds New EcoBoost Engine to 2015 Ford Focus

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March 3, 2014

What do you do to make the world’s best-selling nameplate even better? Well, if you’re Ford, and that best-selling nameplate is the Ford Focus, you give it a little makeover for the 2015 engine and stick a brand new EcoBoost engine under the hood. The result is something we at Hassett Automotive once thought impossible: an improvement on perfection.

The Ford Focus undergoes a slight redesign for the 2015 year. On the outside, the lines get sleeker and more streamlined and the design language shifts to be closer in conversation to that of other recent Ford vehicles. The hood, grille, and trunk lid all see specific changes. The interior is all-new, too—with exclusive and innovative color palettes, improved storage design and increased storage space.

It’s that new engine that really puts the next-year Focus over the top—or, more factually, promises to keep the Focus on top of the world. With an all-new 1.0L EcoBoost engine, the 2015 Ford Focus will once again raise the bar for fuel economy among compact cars.

“The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is proof that excellent fuel economy and performance can come in one package,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, global product development. “Focus is already known for bringing together efficiency and fun, and our latest addition will bring consumers a whole new level of enjoyment – on the road and at the pump.”

2014 Ford Focus

2014 Ford Focus

Ford Fiesta Makes Big Strides in Style

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February 24, 2014
2014 Ford Fiesta

The 2014 Ford Fiesta is sexy and smart.

When Ford first introduced the Fiesta to the United States in the 1980s, it definitely was not a contender for best styling. Now, the Fiesta is in its sixth generation and just received a stylish and much-needed update for the 2014 model year. For 2014, the Fiesta gets a new Fusion-like grille, which gives it incredibly stylish good looks. And, with the top-of-the-line Titanium trim, you’ll be riding in near luxury. Who knew that could ever happen in a tiny subcompact car?

The Titanium trim gives you heated leather seats, a Sony audio system, ambient lighting, chrome exterior trim, black grille, rearview camera, rear parking sensors, keyless ignition/entry, and HD radio. All of this for a sticker price of right around $20,000. And you’ll be saving on gas too with an EPA-estimated 45 mpg on the highway. Want to get behind the wheel of the stylish 2014 Ford Fiesta?

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