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Ford Files over 100 Patents for 2015 F-150

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June 5, 2014

The 2015 Ford F-150 is such a new and special truck that Ford will soon have to shut down its Dearborn Truck Plant just to retool the plant to produce the aluminum-infused F-150. When you consider the number of new technologies featured on this baby, though, the Truck Plant’s transformation begins to make more sense. For the 2015 F-150, the Blue Oval filed over 100 all-new technology patents, making the new full-size pickup easily the most patented truck in brand history.

It’s obvious that the new truck is “loaded with innovation,” just as program analyst Alana Strager said. “Ford engineers have filed more than 100 new patents for technologies to redefine the light-duty pickup for the next generation.” Obviously, the high-strength, military-grade aluminum frame has gotten the most attention, but there are plenty of other innovations to note as well.

Some of our favorites here at Hassett Auto are the LED spotlights on the truck’s side mirrors, which will help shed light on late night projects and parties, and the redesigned tailgate step (as well as the remote tailgate release feature that allows you to open the tailgate right from the key fob). There’s simply never been a full-size truck quite like this, so check back on the blog early and often for more updates on the F-150’s production.

2015 Ford F150