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EyeSight Technology Gives the New Suburu Impreza Vision

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October 8, 2014

2015 subaru impreza wrxYour new Suburu Impreza could have eyes. The Japanese carmaker is planning on adding its awesome EyeSight technology to the Impreza line for the 2015 model year. It’s already an option on the Outlander, Forester and Legacy models.

The EyeSight tech features a stereo camera. The newest generation will have a wider scope: 40% wider, in fact. It has the ability to discern color, too. This means it can sense the red in brake lights. The system can apply the brakes automatically if it suspects an imminent collision. Also, the newest generation of EyeSight is just plain faster in terms of response time. Head into a turn and the EyeSight technology will illuminate the fog lights on one side to improve visibility.

The new Impreza will come with some other improvements as well. Look for enhanced fuel economy and a more athletic appearance. The suspension gets a tune-up as well, improving its already superior ride.

Come talk to us at Hassett Automotive about EyeSight and other cool features on various Suburu models!

Subaru Impreza Named Best Compact Car

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March 1, 2013

Just a couple days ago renowned reviewed company Consumer Reports unveiled their list of “Top Picks for 2013”, and we are happy to say that Subaru made the list! Consumer Reports broke the list down into 10 car categories, ranging from minivan to luxury car, and named a winner for each category. The winners were chosen based on three things: the road test, reliability, and safety.

After all was said and done, the Subaru Impreza came out on top of the compact car category! According to Consumer Reports, “Subaru’s 2012 redesign breathed new life into the all-wheel-drive Impreza. Both sedan and hatchback versions are good, sensible cars, with nimble handling and a compliant, absorbent ride that rivals some luxury sedans. Fuel economy is impressive for an AWD car. And the roomy interior, spacious rear seat, simple controls, and refreshingly good visibility make it easy to live with.”

Congrats Subaru! If you would like to take the best compact car out for a test drive, we have several on our car lot right now! Stop by Hassett Automotive and take one for a spin today.

Subaru Impreza named "Best Compact Car".