Hassett Automotive

Subaru is proud to have received multiple Best Resale Awards for some of our Subaru lineup! Come to Hassett Subaru and pick out your brand new 2020 ride today.

• Best Compact SUV Resale Value: Subaru Forester!
• Best 2-Row Midsize SUV Resale Value: Subaru Outback!
• Best Midsize Car Resale Value: Subaru Legacy!

According to the January 20, 2020 Kelly Blue Book article, “the Subaru Forester has long resonated with buyers seeking a smaller 2-row SUV that has an adventurous spirit. Thank ample ground clearance, easy maneuverability and all-wheel drive, a trademark of Subaru vehicles. And as with other Subarus, the Forester has excellent resale value.”

Read the entire article here https://bit.ly/30KAsMg