Hassett Automotive

So…what will you be getting as gifts this year? Another tie or scarf, perhaps? How about a wall-mounted fish that sings?  Maybe this holiday, you’ll finally get that “Chia Pet” you never wanted.

C’mon…it’s the holiday season. Your holiday season. If you don’t get yourself the really incredible gift your heart desires, chances are really good you won’t get it at all.

At Hassett, we understand. That’s why throughout this joyous time of year, our showrooms are stuffed with fantastic deals to make your season the brightest ever. Like the Ford Year-End Celebration, featuring the best savings of 2012 on what AutoSource, Inc. calls “the freshest line-up in America”.  Hassett and Ford are also continuing to give those who need it up to an additional $1,000 Bonus Cash as part of their special Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief program. If your current vehicle was damaged during the storm, you may qualify for this extra assistance in addition to numerous other incentives.


The same Sandy $1,000 Bonus Cash offer can be applied to any beautiful new Lincoln vehicle, on top of the great holiday deals available their annual “Lincoln Wish List sales event. This includes the stunning newly-designed 2013 Lincolns: the MKZ, MKS, MKT, even the remarkable new Navigator. What better way to feel festive this holiday than by driving the epitome of automotive luxury for less than you ever imagined?

But, just like the holiday season, these extraordinary sales events won’t last long, so now’s the time to hurry into Hassett to grab the perfect deal or your ideal Ford or Lincoln. Or maybe a Subaru?

Yes, maybe a Subaru…after all, Hassett is also hosting Subaru’s heart-warming “Share The Love” Event through the remainder of the season, with super-low prices are a sleigh-full of values including Zero Percent Financing. Hassett Subaru is also continuing to provide $500 Bonus Cash for Hurricane Sandy victims toward the purchase of any of their new or certified pre-owned vehicles. And once you’ve gotten the amazing holiday deal you wanted on your new Subaru, Hassett will donate $250 in your name to your choice of five worthy charities: the Alzheimer’s Association, ASPCA, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Meals-On-Wheels Association, or USO. There’s no better holiday feeling than the one that comes with getting exactly what you want while helping take care of others.

Again, however, if you don’t hurry, all three of these amazing sales opportunities will be gone. Subaru’s “Share The Love” special deals and $500 “Sandy” Bonus Cash are only available through January 2, 2013. And January 3, is the last day of the Lincoln and Ford events, as well as their respective Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief programs.  If you don’t get the Ford, Lincoln, or Subaru you’ve always wanted this year, all we can say is…we tried. We really, really tried. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late…make this the best holiday ever with one trip to Hassett Automotive on Sunrise Highway in Wantagh.

The entire Hassett family wishes you, your family, and friends an extremely happy 2012 holiday season, and a healthy, prosperous new year, too. We’ve all been through a lot this year, and haven’t forgotten that many are still struggling to recover. Our thoughts and hearts are with them, as are our hopes they can experience a healthy infusion of happiness to take them into 2013.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and a Festive Quanza to all!