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School Bus Safety Tips

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June 18, 2015

School Bus Safety TipsIt might be the end of the school year (many schools have already called it quits for the year), but June just so happens to be Student Safety Month. In an effort to raise awareness for this important cause, we’ve come up with some basic (but important) bus-safety guidelines. As your children head off to camp, activities, or school this summer, make sure they heed these five rules.

  1. Parents should escort young children to the bus stop. Young children should be walked to the bus stop by a responsible adult. That adult should stay until the bus arrives, and someone should be there to escort the child home in the afternoon.
  2. Children should stand three giant steps away from the curb at all times. There should be no playing around at the bus stop, and kids should remain at least three large steps back from the curb where the bus will pull up.
  3. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop. Before running up to the bus or getting off it, children should wait until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  4. Never walk around the backside of a bus. Children should always cross the street in front of the bus by first taking five giant steps in front of the bus; making eye contact with the driver; looking left, right, and left again; and then crossing.
  5. Never run on the bus. Children should never run on the bus, as their feet could easily become caught on a strap or other obstruction in the aisle. Additionally, they should always hold the handrails when going up and down the bus stairs.

Finally, as a driver, make sure you always go the posted speed limit in school zones, be extra attentive for wandering children, and stop whenever a bus is stopped—its lights flashing, stop sign out, or children getting on or off the bus (regardless of which direction you’re going). The law requires you stop and clear the road for children who need to cross.

For more information, visit safekids.org. We wish you a safe and fun-filled summer!

How to Keep Your Car Cool

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June 10, 2015

Keep Your Car CoolThe summer heat comes around this time every year but it seems many people just aren’t ready for it. Climbing into a hot car after a long day at work is absolutely miserable. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your car cool and cool it off faster. Some of these ways may be obvious, but others are probably new for you. If your car just refuses to cool off, you should bring it in to our Service Center for a check up.

  • Shaded Parking/Sun Shades We know, these are the most obvious options and that’s why they’re first on this list. If you’re early for work, look around for a shaded parking spot under the shadow of a tree or building. Even if it’s a little further away from where you work, the tradeoff between a slightly longer walk (good for your health) and a cooler car is worth it. If you can’t find anywhere shaded, invest in sun shades. Not only do they help keep your car cool, they also protect the interior.
  • Bottom Vents Close the top vents, open the windows, and turn the air conditioning to its maximum setting. Since heat rises, the hot air will be pushed up and out of the car. Once cooled, close the windows and switch to the upper vents.
  • Fresh Air vs Recirculation When first entering your vehicle, set the air conditioning to bring in fresh air. Recirculation is best used to keep air moving when the desired temperature has already been reached. Switch to fresh air for the first five minutes or so, then switch to recirculation to drive comfortably.

Tips to Spring Clean Your Car

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March 3, 2015

spring clean your carThe clocks are springing forward and March is almost here; the warmer temperatures of spring are fluttering around the corner–hopefully! And what better way to usher in this new season than to de-winterize? Here are a few tips to spring clean your car.

  1. Focus on the inside. Clear out the trash that has accumulated, vacuum the Cheerios and other debris stuck to the mat, and scrub and/or power wash the sludge that seems to have effervesced into the unknown crevasses. Like Madonna circa 1984, it will feel shiny and new.
  2. Clean away that winter grime! Give your car a rinse and wash—especially focus on your car’s undercarriage, as it can tend to fall prey to corrosion from the salty roads. Clean the pesky “wash me” messages off of the windows, and remember to wipe down the car doorways—no more wondering where that black stain on your pants came from.
  3. Keep up with that upkeep! The white winter days are gone, and with it we usher in the rainy—but also sometimes sunny—days of spring. With that comes new duties for your car, so make sure it is equipped for the new season by checking the tread depth and air pressure of your tires, changing your oil, and adding washer fluid.

We at Hassett Automotive wish all of our readers a happy spring; be sure to come visit us and see our new line-up.