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Ford Transit Serves as the New Base of Motorhomes

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December 4, 2015

Transit-based Winnebago with Ford 3.2-liter diesel engineFord has always helped produce the best vehicles around. From cars to trucks, Ford always comes out on top. Now, Ford can add another type of vehicle to that list: motorhomes. The Ford Transit is serving as the new base for motorhome vehicles.

“Outdoor adventure-seeking RV customers want compact, maneuverable motorhomes that can comfortably carry their families and gear from one adventure to another,” Yaro Hetman, Ford brand manager for Transit, says. “Transit’s efficiency, comfortable ride and affordability make it a great choice as a motorhome for these outdoor enthusiasts.”

The Ford transit is one of the brand’s most reliable vans. Now that van is being used by Winnebago for the chassis of their newest motorhome. The Winnebago Fuse is a Class-C motorhome. This title means that these vehicles include a living space behind the driver’s cabin. The Fuse can hold either two twin beds or one queen-sized bed.

Thanks to Winnebago and Ford, travelers can bring all the comforts of home with them.