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December 10, 2012


Sometimes, the only way to move forward is to return to one’s roots. Nowhere is this truism more appropriate than with Lincoln.

In looking towards the future, the iconic luxury vehicle manufacturer has reached back into its past to regain its perspective and former automotive glory. The first step in this process is its new name…which, as The Who might say, is the same as the old name: the Lincoln Motor Company.

That was its name when Henry Leland — the man also behind the birth of the Cadillac brand — sold it to Ford in 1922. The then-seven-year-old company was an ideal acquisition, satisfying Ford’s strong desire at the time for a luxury brand. That moniker was used less and less during the 1990s, and as the new century’s first few years passed was rarely seen or heard.

In January of 2011, the next critical move in the Lincoln revival was taken by hiring 16-year global automotive design expert Max Wolff as Lincoln’s new Director of Design. As the man handed the daunting challenge of spearheading the brand’s renaissance, it was felt his vision and experience could restore Lincoln Motor Company to its former glory…and then some. By 2015, a total of seven new automobiles will once again carry that proud name. The one Ford is counting on to initially re-energize public interest and sales is the proud first brainchild of Wolff and his team of engineers and designers.