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Lincoln Brand Expansion Promises a Better Future for the Auto Industry

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November 18, 2014

Lincoln Brand ExpansionHere at Hassett Automotive, we can’t believe how much Lincoln and Ford have grown over the past few years, extending their range to compete on a global scale. Recently, Lincoln announced it would be opening its first stores in China: big news for some as the automaker brings a unique sophistication and performance to their market.

So why should we care about Lincoln Brand expansion? Well, aside from the short term effects, which might include more work at American plants, the long-term effect of this deal is developing a global brand. According to Lincoln, the intent is to continue growing “The Lincoln Way” until the end of 2016, and reevaluate then. This ultimately means more growth, hotter designs, and better cars.

“The launch of The Lincoln Way and our first Lincoln stores in China marks an important milestone for Lincoln’s reinvention as a global luxury automotive brand,” said Kumar Galhotra, President of Lincoln. “The Lincoln Way demonstrates how a storied brand with a nearly 100-year history is innovating for our Chinese customers while staying true to our roots of personal service.”

This unprecedented Lincoln Brand expansion can only lead to good things in the end. We can’t wait to see what changes this brings, from reinventing old models to introducing completely new designs.