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Great All-Wheel Drive Vehicles for the Winter

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January 11, 2016

Is your car ready for the winter? All-wheel drive is an important feature to consider when shopping for a new vehicle. You may be wondering if it’s even necessary. But when winter comes along and hazardous conditions like slippery roads come your way, having a little extra traction and evenly-distributed power goes a long way.
The Ford Taurus is a great option for an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

All-wheel drive distributes power to all four wheels individually, so that if one wheel slips, the car still has three wheels to rely on – unlike front- or rear-wheel vehicles, which are unfortunately stuck if the only two moving tires get incapacitated. But there are a lot of cars on the market with all-wheel drive. What are some of the most recommended AWD vehicles?


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September 7, 2011

Okay…no one ever accused the Subaru Impreza of being the world’s sexiest automobile. But the new, impressively-redesigned 2012 version is turning a lot of heads, as much for its good looks as its improved performance over its predecessors.

One can’t help but notice the exciting new styling of the fourth-generation Impreza with its sleek, athletic profile and muscular rear fascia. Subaru has also managed a striking optical illusion: the 2012 Impreza sedan and five-door models seem considerably larger than the prior generation while actually standing no longer or wider. How did they do it? By lowering the roof by a half-inch, shortening the overhangs, widening the front and rear tracks, and delivering a wheelbase that’s a whole inch longer.