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Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted…For Your Truck.

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March 20, 2012


When is a commercial truck or van not just a commercial truck or van?

After Hassett gets through with it.  And once they do, it will be precisely what the plumber ordered. Or landscaper, electrician, or virtually any mobile professional.

“Hassett is uniquely qualified to customize a truck to suit the individual needs of virtually any contractor,” says Ken Vighi, Truck Sales Manager at Hassett Ford-Lincoln-Subaru in Wantagh. “We’re Long Island’s only commercial truck dealership with a dedicated Commercial Truck Service Center. “It’s a completely separate entity from our automotive service center as it handles just trucks, no cars. With over 12,000-sq. ft., it allows us to provide a standard of quality, timely service, and affordability no one else can.”

Commercial truck owners have numerous options, starting with what Hassett calls its “Plumber’s Package”, the least expensive approach that installs shelving and other accessories on the inside of a van. Ken and his team also offer a “Utility Body Package”, where compartments are located on the vehicle’s exterior, either with an open back (like a pick-up truck) or an enclosed back for extra storage space (for vans). Both varieties are available in 10-, 12-, and 14-feet lengths — single- or dual-wheel versions — and feature load capacities up to 19,000-pound payloads. And because Hassett offers truck modifications with various chassis configurations, they can create a vehicle for whatever a particular job segment demands.