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December 8, 2020

Now it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a luxurious Lincoln to fit your lifestyle. All are available for a great price during the Lincoln Wish List Event at Hassett.

We have great deals on all our new Lincolns. How about leasing a 2020 MKZ for $299 a month or the new 2021 Aviator for $659 a month…both for 36 months?  Take a look at the 2020 Nautilus for $389 a month or the 2020 Corsair for $359…both for 48 months. Not to be left out the 2020 Lincoln Continental for $459 a month! All offers expire 12/31/20

The History of the Lincoln Continental: An American Icon

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October 18, 2016
history of the Lincoln Continental

William Clay Ford with a 1965 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental is an American classic. The history of the Lincoln Continental began in 1939, making it one of the oldest cars still in production. Beginning as a personal vehicle for Edsel Ford, president of the Ford Motor Company and son of Henry Ford, the Continental has come to be known as the premier luxury vehicle.

The first generation of Continentals had a classic design that was shared with the Lincoln Zephyr, according to Fortune. This included a long body, squared fenders, and, of course, white-wall tires. Under the hood was a powerful 4.8-liter engine, and the two-door model also came with a soft suspension to allow for a smooth ride. After the start of the Second World War, however, production halted until the 1950s.