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December 14, 2012

So…what will you be getting as gifts this year? Another tie or scarf, perhaps? How about a wall-mounted fish that sings?  Maybe this holiday, you’ll finally get that “Chia Pet” you never wanted.

C’mon…it’s the holiday season. Your holiday season. If you don’t get yourself the really incredible gift your heart desires, chances are really good you won’t get it at all.

At Hassett, we understand. That’s why throughout this joyous time of year, our showrooms are stuffed with fantastic deals to make your season the brightest ever. Like the Ford Year-End Celebration, featuring the best savings of 2012 on what AutoSource, Inc. calls “the freshest line-up in America”.  Hassett and Ford are also continuing to give those who need it up to an additional $1,000 Bonus Cash as part of their special Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief program. If your current vehicle was damaged during the storm, you may qualify for this extra assistance in addition to numerous other incentives.


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October 31, 2012

Four incredible models. Three mind-blowing prizes. One unforgettable night. When we say November 15th’s “Go Further With Ford” night could be the year’s most memorable evening, it’s definitely time to mark your calendar.

What’s going to happen? What’s the big deal? Well, for one, there’s the opportunity to see all four 2013 Ford Fusion models during the largest roll-out in Ford’s history, and test drive your favorite. On top of that is the chance for someone in attendance to win one of three amazing prizes being given away, including the opportunity to be a guest judge on American Idol. Other than that, it will just be another Thursday evening at the dealership.

“Without a doubt, this is going to be one of the most exciting events in our long history of exciting events,” exclaims Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett Ford of Wantagh. “I can honestly say Hassett of Wantagh has never done anything quite like it before. When you think about the chance to win such amazing prizes, and that the roll-out of the 2013 Fusion is Ford’s biggest ever, November 15th is guaranteed to be a night to remember.”

Hassett of Wantagh Will Host 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive

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August 15, 2012

On Friday August 17th from 11am – 3pm Hassett of Wantagh invites our fellow Long Islanders to participate in the 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive. Stop into our dealership during those hours and help support Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, who has teamed up with Ford Motor Company to try and eliminate hunger in the US. Hassett of Wantagh is proud to participate in this event that is designed to provide more than 1.2 million meals to those less fortunate. For each guest that attend’s Friday’s event, Ford will make a donation to Feeding America that could be equivalent to 40 meals for starving folks around the United States.

Here is more info about Feeding America:

  • US’s largest hunger-relief charity (non-profit)
  • helps 37 million Americans each year (14 mil children & 3 mil seniors)
  • more than 200 member food banks support 61,000 agencies that address hunger

As per the title, Ford will be bringing a brand new 2013 Ford Escape to our dealership during the 11am – 3pm time slot in order to explain some of the advanced features that this model offers such as the automated liftgate and EcoBoost engine technology. This is the first Escape to transfer to the new global platform which has benefited other models like the 2013 Ford Focus and Fiesta. Those in attendance will notice that the front fascia and grille of the Escape now has a streamlined design which is part of Ford’s new aesthetic.

Participants that attend the 2013 Ford Escape Hunger Drive at Hassett of Wantagh can register and enter a sweepstakes to win a brand new 2013 Ford Escape. Imagine being able to help out those in need while winning a new SUV at the same time!