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Summer is here and families are ready to hit the road and take a much-needed vacation. Make sure your car is ready for the journey by preventing any unexpected mishaps while you’re out of town.

The easiest way to stay prepared is to visit one of our professionals at Hassett and let a mechanic perform a full safety inspection on your vehicle about a week before your trip. Waiting till the last minute to get your car inspected is not good because if something comes up wrong, it could take a few days to get fixed. You do not want last minute auto repairs throwing a wrench in your vacation plans, forcing you to delay your trip.

In a safety inspection, one of our mechanics will give a thorough check of everything from fluid levels, belts, hoses, lights, tires and brakes to make sure your car is ready to cruise the road.

Some of the qualities a safety inspection will cover include:

  1. Check the fluids
  2. Check the brakes
  3. Check the battery’s charge
  4. Check all lights are working
  5. Check the tires
  6. Check to make sure no service lights are on the dash

Even though your car has been checked and/or serviced by professionals, you always have to prepare for the worst. It is smart to keep a roadside survival kit somewhere in your car including fresh batteries, a blanket, flashlight, and extra food & water. If you have any type of roadside assistance, don’t forget to have a copy of their emergency contact number. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a spare set of keys incase your main set is lost.

You do not want car trouble being the reason why your vacation is ruined. Following these pre-trip maintenance strategies will ensure your car is ready for the road ahead. Visit or call Hassett of Wantagh for additional information on how we can better service your vehicle.

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