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The 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium is the whole package— the sexy looks, dynamic road presence, brilliant, built-in technology, and top-tier, comfort and safety features— that make driving this mid-size such a pure pleasure. For connoisseurs of fine cars, and prudent buyers, who celebrate unexpected extras, Fusion test drives often become eye-opening, “love-at-first-sight” experiences— and the start of long, and loving, relationships. As matchmakers go, Hassett has a special knack for pairing great customers with great cars.

Check out the exterior makeover of the new Ford Fusion Titanium. Impressive!

From the luxurious slope of its sleek bodylines, to its sophisticated chrome accents and elegant finishing touches, Fusion has the look of an upscale luxury sedan. You can’t take your eyes off this design package. Nineteen-inch aluminum wheels, rear spoiler panel, automatic sunroof— and those sexy-and-streamlined, LED lighting elements— just take your breath away. And, it gets even better on the inside.

Imagine a unique combination of a high-fashion feel with high-tech touches. That’s Fusion— totally electric when it comes to style, comfort… and gadgetry. The cabin is roomy, the seating and surfaces abound with leather, and soft-touch materials, and the control devices, and convenience amenities, are numerous… and close at hand. Naturally, Fusion comes equipped with the touch-activated, video monitoring of Ford’s unique Sync 3® control system that links, and powers, all aspects of your vehicle’s electronic applications. Entertainment, climate control, navigation, App selection, and communications, with Blue-tooth connectivity, are always in your sight line, and at your fingertips.

Push-button ease underscores Fusion’s comfort level. Power seats, memory, power-start, windows and locks, moon roof, power brake and auto-park assistance are standard with the Titanium package. There’s also a new twist in gear shifters that will catch your eye, and add to the premium vibe of this interior package. The cool, rotary-gear select rests comfortably on the console— a real space-saving design benefit, that also includes an optional sport-gear, power-break and park-assist features, and a unique, safety feature that automatically returns the transmission to park, when exiting the vehicle when seat belts are off.

Speaking of practicality— the Ford Fusion Titanium is loaded with convenience, and safety, features that just add to its impressive resume. Ample trunk storage— with fold-down rear seats, auto-lock and auto-start, rear back-up camera, and full-cabin-air-bag protection, bolster this package’s five-star quality, and safety, ratings through the roof. When it comes to road performance, and handling, Fusion’s four-cylinder, 2.0L engine delivers plenty of horsepower, and it’s comfortable, quiet ride is as dependable, and smooth as… titanium.

Sure… there’s ample style, comfort, and practical advantages to be discovered in the Ford Fusion that, at first glance, may not obvious. So, if you’re looking for a quality mid-size, with a lot more value than might meet the eye, drop by Hassett of Wantagh, and we’ll be happy to introduce you— to the special characteristics of an automobile that’s definitely worth a second look… and a test drive.