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Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

Make sure you have enough coolant in your car!

Keeping your car cool in summer is a problem for many drivers. While spring presents a relaxing climate, summer offers a dreadful heat that few modern drivers can bear. Rolling your windows down while on the road can only do so much. Luckily for you, we here at Hassett Pre-Owned have a few tips for keeping your car cool in summer.

  • Coolant – A major part of cooling your car revolves around the coolant, also known as antifreeze. Responsible for keeping your engine cool, a low coolant level could result in a hotter engine and, as a result, as hotter car. Be sure to check your coolant level according to your owner’s manual and top it off when needed.
  • Windows – Cracking your windows while your car sits in the hot sun is a great way to beat the heat. While it won’t keep your car as cool as you’d like, cracked windows will allow the hottest air to escape the car.
  • Air Conditioning – Even if you don’t have the best air conditioning, odds are your car can use the lower vents. By blasting the air conditioning out of the lower vents, the hot air is blown up and out of the car, provided the windows are rolled down, of course.