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parking ticketParking tickets can be some of life’s most troublesome burdens. When it’s not your fault, it makes the whole situation even worse. However, if you can show that you didn’t break any parking laws, or can prove something is wrong with the ticket, you can possibly have your charge overturned. The following is a list of ways to appeal a parking ticket.

  1. Check the ticket for errors

Closely read over the ticket. If there are any errors or any modifications to the ticket, you can have it overturned. The errors could be as minor as listing the wrong kind of car.

  1. Gather evidence

When you try to appeal your ticket, you’re going to need some evidence. Take pictures of exactly where your car was parked. Do not move it before you do so! Also, take a video of a broken meter.

  1. Find witnesses

If there was anybody around when you received your ticket, then you should see if they might be available to speak in your favor during your hearing. After all, there’s strength in numbers.