Hassett Automotive


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October 20, 2015


“Winning” is what floats the boat for the management and staff at Hassett

After eleven consecutive years, you’d think that receiving Ford’s prestigious President’s Award for Sales and Service would seem like a routine gesture. No way… if you’re Hassett owner Don Zergebel or his son Marc. They recently picked up their twelfth, and to show their appreciation and gratitude, they booked a celebratory cruise for the whole team!

No… not an island-hopping excursion around the Caribbean… but a fabulous, fun-filled night of dining, dancing and backslapping aboard an exquisite, decked-out, luxury yacht— courtesy of Sapphire Cruises of Freeport. For the dedicated, hard-working crew from Hassett, it must have seemed liked the Queen Mary. They earned it. Achieving a twelfth consecutive President’s Award is unprecedented— a validation of Hassett’s excellence in customer service, and corporate recognition of a job well done.

Ford’s President’s Award is hardly a token gesture. The prize is bestowed to those dealerships that continually exceed customer satisfaction levels in both sales and service. That designation is based on customer satisfaction surveys and internal reviews, and it’s one that far surpasses regional and national sales averages. Great cars and trucks are only part of the story at Hassett. It’s the people who truly care, from top to bottom, that make a dealership a winning organization. Lou Evans, Hassett’s General Sales Manager put it best. “Ford’s reputation may be the table setter, but it takes a constant, concerted effort by skilled sales and service professionals to serve and satisfy every customer who walks though the door. You can’t win the President’s award once, not to mention twelve consecutive times, without bringing your “A-game.” This well-deserved celebration at sea was a perfect example of how Hassett operates.

Now that the party’s over, it’s time for Long Island’s number one volume dealer of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury to chart a course toward next year’s ultimate destination— number fourteen… in a long, and impressive, line of President’s Awards.