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One of the most important decisions when choosing your car is what color you want. That decision could say a lot about you both as a driver and as a person. According to a report from Fox Business, each car color has a different meaning behind it. Here is what each car color represents.

19262800974_7831c140e5_m White: As the most popular vehicle color, white says a lot about the refined taste of drivers on the road today.

Black: Sophistication and power drive people who own black vehicles.

For those who like to keep up with the latest trends and consumer behaviors, silver is often a favored color.

Grey: As opposed to silver, grey represents drivers who would rather blend in than stand out.

Passionate drivers who have a need for performance on the road tend to choose red cars.

Blue: In contrast to red, blue cars represent stability and peace on the road.

Practical individuals often choose a more practical shade of brown.

Yellow/Gold: Optimism and enthusiasm ooze out of those who buy yellow vehicles.

While not as popular as they once had been, green vehicles are still popular among those who like to blend the machinery of a car with the ruggedness of the outdoors.

Orange: Since orange is one of the rarest vehicle colors of all, it’s perfect for those who really want to stand out!