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On September 16th, Miami chic ruled the evening at the Crest Hollow Country Club for the “Pet Peeves” 2015 South Beach Soiree— “Unleashed at the Beach”— benefitting one of Long Island’s premier pet-rescue fundraisers. Pet Peeves is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization that raises funds and creates awareness for the work of numerous local animal shelters and rescue groups in both Nassau and Suffolk. Hassett Subaru is proud to be a sponsor and supporter of their mission on behalf of homeless and abused animals

As Long Islanders dined and danced to Latin rythms, poolside under the stars, animal rescue efforts were bolstered by the generosity and well-deserved recognition for the tireless work being done. Guests were also encouAFT-6159raged to bring a bag of pet food along, to help stock animal shelter food pantries. Party-goers were entertained by MC Elisa DiStefano of News 12, as they soaked in the South Beach atmosphere and indulged themselves with “delicioso” food and drink. A live auction raised lots of “dinero”, and spectacular prizes were awarded to the lucky winners of the “Soiree” raffle drawing. In special recognition, Long Island’s heroic first-responders were honored for their daily rescue of animals forced to survive on the street. Hassett salutes their compassion and dedication.


Each year, Hassett Subaru selects a number of charitable causes that benefit from our “Share-the-Love Event” that runs from November 19th to January 2nd. This year, Pet Peeves is our community’s “Charity of Choice”, and will be among five charities that will be eligible to receive $250 for every car sold during this promotion. Stop in, drive out in a fabulous, new Subaru, and choose a deserving charity— it’s a win win for everyone.