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July isn’t only the unofficial start of the summer tailgating season—it’s also the official beginning of National Tailgating Month! Tailgating combines family, friends, and great food—what could be better? In order to help you host the perfect tailgate, Hasset Pre-Owned has listed some of our best summer tailgating tips below.

  1. Make a Plan – Planning out your tailgate will help everything go much more smoothly. Figure out what food you want to serve, what condiments you’ll need, and how many plates and sets of silverware will keep everyone happy. A plan will make sure you’re ready when it’s almost game time.
  1. Include Team Colors – Find foods and tableware that match your favorite team’s colors. It will keep everything bright and fun while also setting a game day atmosphere.
  1. Stay Hydrated – Sure a few cold ones are great while tailgating on game day, however, it’s important to stay hydrated. No one wants to miss the game because they didn’t drink enough water.

Overall, make sure you have fun with these summer tailgating tips! That’s what tailgating is all about, after all.