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HassettF150WolverineWith multiple, integrated welding points on its high-strength steel skeletal structure and the addition of Military-Grade Aluminum Alloy as the body and bed, it is only right we compare this revolutionary transformation to the one of Wolverine from the X-Men. When Wolverine was newly equipped with his adamantium skeleton he was stronger and virtually indestructible, a similar situation to the new 2015 Ford F-150.

These new structural additions not only made the 2015 Ford F-150 stronger but approximately 700lbs lighter for an improved power-to-weight ratio resulting in faster acceleration, enhanced handling and braking. It can now tow up to 12,300lbs, which is, give or take, the weight of two and a half F-150s or about 5 fully grown bulls… and ­­ tows it more efficiently than ever before!

Come down to Hassett and check out why the 2015 F-150 is the Ultimate Game Changer:

  • Best in-class towing and payload
  • Improved power-to-weight ratio across the entire 4-engine lineup for greater performance
  • Best-ever ride, handling and braking
  • Class-exclusive cab and box fabricated from high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloys

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