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Ford Fiesta RS

The success of the Ford Focus ST could lead to the creation of a Fiesta RS

When you hear the word “Ford” paired with the term “performance vehicle,” you probably think of things like the Mustang—or the crazy new GT Carbon Fiber supercar. But there are many other kinds of Ford performance vehicles as well, even models based on compact and subcompact models like the Focus and Fiesta. The Focus already has two performance models: the ST and now the RS too.

Of course, even though the Focus RS has just joined the ranks of the Ford performance lineup, the brand is not ready to take a break yet. It’s now ready to start production on the Ford Fiesta RS, a subcompact performance vehicle that will have similar power numbers to the Focus vehicles. These are all part of the brand’s overall plan to bring 12 performance vehicles total to the market by 2020.

The Focus ST has a 1.6L EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine, boasting 197 horsepower and 202 lb-ft of torque, and we hope to see great power numbers like that with the Focus and Fiesta RS models as well. The Fiesta RS might even show up in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Come see us at Hassett Automotive to learn more about the Ford Fiesta RS release.