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Believe it or not, Subaru is set to start downsizing its engines and phase out many of its six-cylinder versions. While this might seem like bad news, it just means Subaru is expanding its four-cylinder boxer and diesel engine ranges. Here at Hassett Automotive, we’re curious about the possible upgrades to the 2016 model year lineup.

So what does this mean for drivers? According to Car Advice, we may see smaller engines but not necessarily less powerful ones. The Subaru boxer engine is one of the most well-liked engines on the market. Because six-cylinder engines often require higher maintenance and get worse fuel economy, Subaru is exploring the benefits of switching to just turbocharged four-cylinder and/or diesel engines.

“Our research said the six-cylinder model is decreasing in the world,” Yoichi Hori, deputy general manager of Subaru’s engineering department. “So that’s why probably in the future, many companies will take the smaller displacement with a turbocharger, or diesel, or hybrid.”

Although Subaru has released little information about alternative-fuel engines in development, there are also rumors it’s working on a plug-in hybrid version of the popular 2.0-liter diesel. Subaru is staying ahead of the curve with these possible new changes, making sure their cars are both efficient and powerful.