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subaru_htabYeah, we’re tree-huggers. So what?

That’s the message Subaru manages to send in a funny, make-fun-of-yourself kind of way in the new Subaru “tree-hugging” commercial. And really, what’s so wrong with being a tree-hugger anyway?

Subaru released the commercial over a month ago, and in that short time, it has managed to capture hearts nationwide. Even you non-tree-huggers have been caught smirking at the “Memory Lane” ad. In fact, Adweek calls the ad “remarkable” and “a spot that manages to both embrace and make fun of the brand’s persistent stereotypes in a way that’s utterly charming”.

The commercial features three generations of a family (grandmother, parents, and daughter) who are on a trip to Woodstock, and ends when the parents hilariously get stuck between the grandmother and granddaughter hugging the tree.

The story is perfectly written, especially considering the risks when taking on such a stereotype. Obviously, politically-charged commentary from people who take themselves a little too seriously hit the Twitter feed, but that’s to be expected.

“Generational ads are really hard to do, and even tougher to do well,” Carmichael Lynch chief creative officer Dave Damman told Adweek. “Add to that the huge challenge of cashing in some of the ‘tree hugger’ brand equity and spending it on the Summer of Love, 1969 mind-set, and it almost becomes something that if not done exactly right, you’d surely want to avoid. But it’s a genuine, compelling story, and because of this brand and what it stands for, it makes complete sense that the car they own is a Subaru.”

You can watch the ad here.

At Hassett Automotive, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and can appreciate an ad that pokes a little fun at the brand we love. Stop in today to checkout our lineup of family (and earth) friendly cars!