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302 Mustang TeaserWhen a car that’s as iconic as the Ford Mustang introduces its newest generation, the year following it normally means that the industry will see an influx of models from a variety of aftermarket tuners—but none will be as anxiously awaited as Saleen’s 302 Mustang.

After a brief split, the after market tuner has come back with a vengeance, hard at work modifying a variety of muscle cars, which couldn’t be more obvious in Saleen’s recent preview of their 302 Mustang teaser. While details are scarce, the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang sets itself apart from other aftermarket Mustangs just with its name. With a new front air dam, a wide air scoop on the hood, and Saleen’s trademark slat grille, it’s even possible that this Mustang could be the next American exotic.

Hopefully, we will have more information on Saleen’s newest Ford creation soon. With the previous 302 packing a 625 supercharged horsepower punch, there’s no denying that the newest Saleen 302 Mustang is sure to be a bit on the wild side.