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water conservationLast year, Ford announced it had reduced per-vehicle water use by 30 percent, two years ahead of schedule. Earlier this week, it released its 15th annual Sustainability Report, outlining a continued commitment to water conservation around the world.

Beginning this year, Ford will ask its high water-use suppliers and suppliers working in water-stressed regions to voluntarily report their water consumption, so that Ford can work with them to achieve reduction.

In addition to having a real effect in these areas, Ford hopes this will encourage other global suppliers to follow suit and significantly reduce their own environmental footprint.

These efforts are not only part of the company’s philosophy that affordable, clean drinking water and access to sanitation are basic human rights—it’s also sound business practice.

“Working in regions struggling with water scarcity will soon make water a costly commodity,” said John Fleming, executive vice president, Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs for Ford Motor Company. “From a business perspective, understanding future constraints and immediately reducing Ford’s water consumption makes sense.”

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