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There’s two connected stories about the Ford Transit, Ford’s all-new van designed for commercial use, floating around on the internet this week; one of the stories is a bit more practical and relevant to us at Hassett Auto, but the other story is just so much fun that we’d rather talk about that one.

That “fun” story is how American Pickers, History Channel’s popular show about Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz scouring the nation for priceless antiques, will from now on be featuring a Ford Transit on every episode. Wolfe and Fritz, after searching long and hard for a new car to replace their classic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, finally settled on the Transit. “The biggest thing is, when the van is full, then we’ve got to come home. I’m interested in real estate on wheels,” Wolfe said in the first episode to feature the Transit, which aired April 30. “There were four of five different vehicles I was looking at, and I just keep coming back to the Ford as the better choice.”

Ford is honoring the Transit’s addition to the American Pickers team with a special scavenger hunt—they’ve hidden 10 scale models of the Transit in antique shops around the country. Find one and you’ll be entered in a contest to win a new Transit. The Transit will be produced at Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant, which will be adding 2,000 jobs soon as part of the plant’s expansion.

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