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While according to the calendar, spring is now—and finally!—underway, Ford is looking to capitalize on rough winter weather one last time. A training session for the Swedish rallycross team OlsbergsMSE doubled as a way for Ford to show off the special Ford Fiesta ST customized for rallycross racing. The Swedish team took the Fiesta for a spin 200 short miles from the Arctic Circle, preparing for the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship.

The test took place in Kall, Sweden, an icy snow-swept landscape perfect for rallycross practice. You can watch the customized Fiesta ST in action in this video; you’ll see it taking out two poor defenseless snowmen in its destructive wake. “Everything is about what you have on the track. Developing the car is one thing, but the most important thing is developing the driver,” OMSE team owner, Andreas Erikkson, says in the clip released by Ford Racing.

You might not be able to race your Ford Fiesta across ice—in fact, you probably wouldn’t want to–but you can come see us at Hassett Automotive to start your Fiesta adventure today!