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Domino’s Pizza and the Ford Motor Company have teamed up to deliver to you what is possibly the greatest invention of mankind. Never again will you have to go home and wait before satiating that appetite you’ve been building all day at work. Never again shall you be hungry!

“This is, no question, one of the coolest in a long list of recent technology innovations for Domino’s,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and CEO. “To be able to work with a brand like Ford, with its terrific SYNC technology, and offer yet another way to bring our ordering app experience to life makes it all the better.”

What is it, exactly? Well, it’s simple. If you own a Ford with the SYNC® AppLink™ in-car connectivity system, anyone with a registered Pizza Profile on their Domino’s mobile app can save an Easy Order™—your favorite pizza order. Then all you have to do whenever you want to arrive home to a pizza delivery man is to place your order in your car using a few simple, voice-activated steps. Voilà! Goodbye work, hello cheese crust.

Getting the Domino’s mobile app is easy. But maybe you don’t have a Ford. No worries, that’s easy too. Just stop by Hassett Auto!


Order Pizza from your car with the Ford SYNC App.