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We already know that Ford knows quite a bit about cars. But did you know it’s also an expert in camouflage?

When building the next generation of automobiles, especially one as important as the all-new 2015 Mustang, it can be difficult to road test the models without attracting attention. And when it comes to the Mustang, which has now been going strong for 50 years, the attention from auto paparazzi is even greater. According to Ford, it took less than an hour for spy shots to appear online after the Mustang was taken on public roads for the very first time back in June.

But Ford had come prepared. An entire design team worked on the Mustang’s camouflage, creating and putting in place hard plastic, foam, vinyl, and ratchet straps to alter its appearance and mislead spectators. That really got our curiosity-sense tickled here at Hassett Automotive, so we figured we would the video that talks all about the camouflage process: