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Ford Trends 2014

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December 26, 2013

trends You don’t need a marketing guru to tell you a new Ford is a great value.

We will suppose for the time being that extensive, sophisticated research is being conducted on just about everyone, and the question becomes:  Are you aware of this, do you want this, and if so, to what extent and how much?

It turns out that we have an easy answer when it comes to considering purchasing a Ford, thanks to its extensive research of customer needs, wants, expectations and awareness, which we’ll share with you now.

Ford’s marketing consultants believe people don’t want to “miss out” in the social space while also wanting to “disconnect” from it on their own terms.  What a concept.  Remember when people simply looked for quality in a product?

While we swear by Ford’s outstanding line of cars and trucks, we present this to you to show you how self-evident high-end marketing research can be when trying to justify an already high quality product.

See if you identify with the assertions of this lengthy and impressive report, “Looking Forward with Ford 2014,” the highlights of which we present here:

Ford_2014_TrendReportInnovation:  Fast-paced and fundamentally changing the way consumers work, play and communicate.

Nostalgia:  Consumers romanticize how things used to be, finding comfort and connection in products, brands and experiences that they think they remember.

Meaningfulness:  Consumers seek more intimate connections with retailers and service providers of every description; consumers want an emotional history they can use to justify their purchase.

Statusphere:  A made up word to describe people who have a need to be noticed, display their wealth or status to friends or the world at large via social media.

Validation:  In their words, “In a world of hyper-self-expression, chronic public journaling and other forms of digital expression, consumers are creating a public self that may need validation even more than their authentic self.”  What?

Gosh, we just thought they were looking for quality and reassurance from like-minded consumers and a dealership they can trust.  Silly us.

Fear of Missing Out/Joy of Missing Out:  Honestly, doesn’t this just mean people want to be in on the deal at the right time?  And tell their friends?

Micro Moments:  This is when you realize you’ve left your car keys on the counter at the deli.  Really, will marketing gurus ever stop with this stuff?

Multitasking: “In an increasingly screen-saturated, multitasking modern world…” we do everything all the time and guess what, we sacrifice personal time and quality?  How much did they pay to come up with that?

Female Frontier: Apparently they’ve figured out a reliable profile of women car buyers everywhere based on a redefinition of roles amongst men and women.  Okay.

Sustainability: “The world has been fixated on going green, and now the attention is shifting beyond recycling and eco-chic living to a growing concern for the power and preciousness of the planet’s water.”  Really?  What’s that got to do with the truck parked in my driveway?

Frankly, at the end of the day, this is what we think about marketing…

We know the value of our Ford vehicles because we deal with and sell them everyday.  We also know our customers and we pair them with state of the art engineering, affordable and multi-purpose vehicles that have evolved into a totally new class of highly fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles.

Based on our extensive research we ask simple questions like:

Do you need to spend quality time with your family in this vehicle?

Do you need a vehicle you can count on day in and day out for years?

Do you require a vehicle that retains its value and utility?

Does this vehicle ultimately enhance your lifestyle?

Our customers don’t need to be brainwashed into buying the right vehicle for their needs and aspirations because at Hassett, we provide them right on the spot.

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