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In an industry that is moving towards becoming more eco-friendly than ever before, carmakers are becoming more aware of the effects their methods of production might have on the environment. Subaru Indiana started the movement towards less wasteful production when they became the first ever zero-landfill car manufacturing company in North America in 2003. Now, the plant takes environmental awareness even further by celebrating ten years of being zero-landfill.

“If it doesn’t leave as a finished car, we send the material offsite for recycling,” said Denise Coogan, Subaru Indiana Manager of Safety & Environmental Compliance. “So anything from our cafeteria waste, plastics, steel. Waste is just a material that hasn’t found its use.”

Becoming a more environmentally aware company is considered part of becoming a modern company, according to Tom Easterday, Executive VP of Subaru Indiana. By setting this example, proving that a large plant can easily be as environmentally friendly as this one, Subaru Indiana hopes to turn the Midwest from being known as “The Rust Belt” to “The Green Belt.”

2013 Subaru Legacy

Subaru is totally dedicated to producing eco-friendly vehicles.