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Hybrid technologies powering automobiles with a combination of gasoline and electricity are still relatively new, and they’re advancing so quickly it can be hard to keep up.

Understandably, even seasoned motorists have their questions and doubts. What if the battery loses its charge? Is the interior no-frills and boring? Can an electric car deliver enough power and control? And aren’t these new hybrid technologies super-expensive?

The truth is, as hybrids continue merging into the mainstream, automakers are making great strides in their efforts to make environmentally friendly transportation more affordable and more luxurious than ever – and the Ford Motor Co. is zooming ahead even further.

Consider the 2014 Fusion, which features a new aerodynamic design, the patented Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid power system and a wide array of cutting-edge options, from rear-view cameras to Sync ® voice-activated technology – all for a an MSRP starting around $27,700.

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“This meeting of advanced technology and affordability comes not a moment too soon,“says Lou Evans, general sales manager at Hassett of Wantagh, Long Island’s No. 1-volume Ford and Lincoln dealer and 10-time winner of the prestigious Ford President’s Award for Sales and Service.

Those awards mean the professionals at Hassett understand the mind of the modern driver better than most – and one of the things they’ve learned, Lou says, is that people have had it with high gas prices.

Most drivers are very wary of the gasoline-price spikes that happen every time a storm rolls up the East Coast, or a new crisis erupts in the Middle East, or a California refinery has a problem, or some other emergency threatens oil supplies. And as activists and governments continue to emphasize ecological concerns and promote “green” causes, more and more drivers are coming to “genuinely appreciate the efficiency and design and clean nature” of vehicles like the Ford Fusion, according to Lou.

That explains why, in 2012 alone, sales of Ford’s hybrid and electric vehicles jumped 228% – and why, so far in 2013, Ford’s hybrid and electric sales have skyrocketed across New York State, up a whopping 400%.

What do all those very satisfied owners know that you don’t? Well, if you’re not up to speed on the latest hybrid-vehicle advancements, they know plenty – but you can catch up fast thanks to this video specially produced by Hassett of Wantagh.

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It’ll tell you everything you need to know about the state-of-the-art tech in Ford’s Fusion models – from a 620-mile driving range to increased horsepower (54 more horses than the rival Toyota Prius) – plus the hybrid’s new emphasis on European styling and other creature-comfort features not found in most electric vehicles, including heated power seats, dual temperature zones and more.

Check it out, and then visit the Hassett of Wantagh website to learn more about saving the planet one great ride at a time. Better yet: Swing by the dealership at 3530 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh and see firsthand how the automotive industry’s hottest hybrids are changing the way Americans drive!