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Have you noticed more Subaru’s driving around lately? If you have, it’s probably because Subaru’s are selling like hotcakes lately! In fact, Subaru just recorded its best sales month ever last month. Well done, Subaru!

We think the reason why so many people are making the switch to Subaru in recent months is because people are starting to realize that Subaru’s aren’t just a fad. They are built to last, they’re loaded with safety features, every single Subaru model is a Top Safety Pick, they’re eco-friendly, and they look awesome.

What’s there not to love?

In a Jalopnik article entitled, “How America Got Its Crazy Crack-Like Addiction To Buying Subarus” they note that Consumer Reports has also been helping Subaru out a lot lately. According to the article, “This year (Consumer Reports) ranked Subaru at the top of their report cards, heaping praise on the Impreza, Legacy, Outback and BRZ. The redesigned 2014 Forester recently took home the top small SUV rating.”

No doubt these reviews have contributed greatly to Subarus recent success. Consumer Reports takes reviews seriously, and in turn, people take Consumer Reports seriously.

If you’re interested in taking a Subaru for a test drive and possible making the switch for yourself, stop by Hassett Automotive in Wantagh, NY. We have a great selection of Subarus here at our dealership and we’d love to help you find the right one for you!

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Subarus just recorded their best sales month ever last month!