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In late 2000, hybrid gas/electric cars were just getting started and the naysayers were already piping up, calling the plug-in electric versions stillborn.  Every new technology needs an incubation period, including building a service infrastructure. Now a dozen years later, it is clear their predictions have happily run out of gas.

In 2012 alone, sales of hybrid and plug-in vehicles such as the Focus Electric, 100% powered by a rechargeable battery, jumped 228%.  While still a small piece of the overall market, it is growing at a much greater rate than other powertrain models, as the economy continues to hiccup and gas prices are steep.

Wider adoption, more accessible pricing, more efficient battery technology and the rollercoaster of gas prices proved the tipping point.

“We find many of our customers are simply tired of gas price spikes when something happens in the Middle East or Texas or California,” says Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett of Wantagh, Long Island’s  #1 volume Ford-Lincoln dealer and 10x consecutive winner of  Ford’s prestigious President’s Award.  “Plus, they genuinely appreciate the efficiency and design and clean nature of vehicles like the Focus Electric.”

Hassett offers a range of hybrid and electric plug-ins, with sales jumping 400% in New York State this year alone.  The Focus Electric is Ford’s robust entry into the plug-in market with excitingcutting edge design, styling and driver-experience enhancing technology inside and out.

With this car you will never need another drop of gas or oil, on top ofother money-saving efficiencies built-in with new pricing that makes it a serious contender for drivers who want to take the next step into the world of smart, proactive green vehicles.

The Focus Electric runs on a 107kW electric motor, powered by a 23kW, liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery, with an EPA estimated MPGe city/highway rating of 110/99 and a range of 74+ miles between charges.  Its regenerative braking system helps recharge the battery while on the road and can be monitored in real time, including such important data as remaining miles and location of charging stations for an extended trip.  Recharging stations are growing exponentially throughout much of the country, proof that EVs have caught on once and for all.

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Focus Electric vehicles sport 143 horsepower, boasts 184 instant torque from standstill (up to 84 mph) and is totally silent with uncommon cabin quiet, unless of course you want to crank up the Sony®9-speaker audio system.  This is backed up by SiriusXM®satellite radio, screen navigation and travel link, voice interactive, with USB ports for your smart phone, so drivers access their voice, text, travel apps, music library and more––all hand’s free.

The cabin itself is roomy, smartly designed and well appointed with dual-zone climate control and ambient lighting.  In fact, the entire driver experience and equipment package is completely customizable thanks to real thinking behind layers of tech innovation and performance goals.

“It’s also a blast to drive, a really new feeling that catches people by surprise,” says Evans.  “It’s not everyday that you get to test-drive or buy an eco-friendly car with this level of technology.  It takes the driver experience to a whole new level in totally unexpected ways.”

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With the optional 240-volt home charging station, charging the Focus Electric is as easy as charging a cell phone, about 4 hours for a full charge.  Otherwise, if not in a hurry, drivers can use the standard 114-volt convenience charger that takes approximately twice as long but works fine for overnight charges.

“This car (Focus Electric) makes sense on so many levels, “ says Evans.  “You stop buying gas and oil at exorbitant prices, can do about 90% of your everyday activities in a very cool car, save money and do something about the environment.  It’s definitely the future, but it’s here now, and affordable,” Evans points out.

Electric vehicles like the Focus enjoy a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 and an additional $500 rebate from LIPA. Come on down to Hassett and take a look at not only the Ford Focus but the other top-selling Energi/Hybrid vehicles like the C-Max/Hybrid, C-Max Energi, Fusion Hybrid and the Fusion Energi.

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