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Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is an annual auto show that focuses on luxury and elegance in automobiles. Then name “Concours d’Elegance” is literally translated to “a competition of elegance”, so needless to say, automakers from across the world head to Pebble Beach each year ready to show off their most elegant creations. Many car makers use this event as an opportunity to show off a new luxury car they’ve been working on; however, Lincoln took a different approach this year.

Instead of showing off a new luxury car, Lincoln decided to introduce a new trim level. At first this may sound strange, but with the new Black Label Collection, Lincoln is truly raising the bar for all luxury vehicles.

Essentially, the new Black Label will be the top trim level for new Lincoln cars. It will feature real premium materials such as genuine leathers and natural woods. According to a recent Lincoln press release, “Black Label was conceived and designed by a select Lincoln Design team to reflect the breadth of the brand. In its earlier days, Lincoln was a favorite vehicle for unique, sophisticated and luxurious bespoke exterior and interior themes. This has inspired a new direction to provide a higher level of luxury available to all clients of the brand – not just those who purchase the most expensive, top-of-range models.”

All of us here at Hassett are thrilled about this announcement and can’t wait until some Black Label cars are delivered to our dealership! If you’d like to learn more about the Black Label Collection, check out the full press release, or stop into Hassett Automotive in Wantagh, NY.

Lincoln MKZ Black Label

The new Lincoln MKZ will be available in the Black Label Collection