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For the last several years, the environment has been a huge concern for people all over the world. For a while there it seemed like everyone thought global warming would cause the end of the world as we know it. Now, we’re not here to debate whether or not global warming is legitimate concern; nor are we trying to turn anyone into a tree-hugging hippy. We just wanted to take a second and tell you about some of the awesome things Ford Motor Company has been working on to help lower their carbon footprint and make their cars as environmentally friendly as possible.

See, we as a society are stripping out too many of the natural resources of our earth. So Ford Motor Company has decided to change this trend and start to use either recycled or renewable resources whenever possible. For example, Ford is now using recyclable pop bottles as a component in their seats. What they do is break down the plastic bottles and then spin them into the fabric of the seats. Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

And as if that wasn’t cool enough that Ford is using recyclable materials, a lot of these little changes Ford is making to their vehicles is actually making their cars and trucks lighter. And when a car or truck weighs less, it gets a lot better fuel mileage, and thus reduces emissions.

For more information on Ford’s pursuit to be greener, check out the video below.


Our car lot here at Hassett Automotive is loaded with environmentally friendly vehicles. Stop by today and take one for a test drive! Any one of our knowledgeable sales team members would love to help you find the right car for you and your family.