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When you look for an SUV, what are you looking for? Perhaps safety is your chief concern. Maybe you’re looking for an SUV that gets great gas mileage. Or maybe the deciding factor for you is how the SUV looks. Unfortunately, many people these days think they can only get one of these things in an SUV. They think that if they’re getting a powerful engine, they must be getting pretty bad gas mileage, or if an SUV is safe, it must not have a cool look to it.

However, that is not the case with the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport. If you want terrain-conquering capability, class-leading highway mpg, high safety ratings, and a bold look, then look no further. The 2013 Ford Explorer is the SUV for you.

Check out the video below to see the 2013 Explorer in action!


Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? You should try the real thing at Hassett Automotive. Stop by Hassett today and take a 2013 Ford Explorer out for a test drive. See you soon!