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In such a competitive and chaotic automotive industry, it’s nice knowing there’s a car we can always count on—the 2013 Ford Fusion. The Fusion won not one but two separate awards in U.S. News and World Report’s 2013 Best Cars for Families findings. The annual awards from U.S. News result from in-depth analysis of cars from various segments. After examination, U.S. News determines the best in each category for families, based on quality, space, and family-friendly features.

This year, two models of the 2013 Ford Fusion topped the list. In the Best Midsize Cars for Families segment, the Fusion took first place, and in the Best Hybrid Cars for Families—you guessed it—the Fusion Hybrid was top dog. U.S. News also recently ranked the Fusion as the Best Car for the Money in 2013. The Fusion and Fusion Hybrid offer a plethora of reasons for families to start driving these Blue Oval vehicles, but in particular, U.S. News commended the 47 mpg combined for the Fusion Hybrid and the deep trunk for the regular Fusion, both of which are very important for families to consider when shopping for new cars.

Want to see for yourself? Stop by Hassett Automotive today and take the all-new Ford Fusion or Ford Fusion Hybrid out for a test drive!

Come check out the 2013 Fusion at Hassett Automotive.

Come check out the 2013 Fusion at Hassett Automotive.