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When you think safety, quality and value, does Ford come to mind?  Well it should; our staff at Hasset Automotive is proud to say that Ford was the only brand to rank top five in every category of Consumer Report’s 2013 Car Brand Perception survey, and Ford took second place over all!

The survey measures seven different perception categories: quality, safety, value, performance, design/style, technology/innovation and environmentally friendly/green.  The survey collected data from 1,764 adults that had at least one car in their household.  Each category is weighted for the importance of that factor, quality being the most important and environmentally friendly being the least.

The two highest rankings for Ford were second in safety and third in value.  This comes as no surprise, due to their long-standing reputation for delivering value to the customers, as well as being up-to-date with the latest and best safety features in their models.

Offering the most advanced technology and powerful V8 engines, Ford ranked fourth in quality, performance and technology/innovation.  Ford has put a lot of effort into future development by designing more stylish vehicles and moving into the ‘green’ market.  These efforts have boosted Ford into the fifth place spot for both design/style and environmentally friendly/green.

To test your own perceptions of Ford, come out to our dealership, located in Wantagh, NY, for a test drive today!

2013 Ford Fusion