Hassett Automotive

With the recent introduction of the 2013 MKZ mid-sized sedan, Lincoln began the processing of redefining and reinvigorating its brand in the largest luxury market segment. On January 13, 2013, the venerated automotive manufacturer took the next step when it debuted its first entry into the small luxury utility market at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI: the MKC Concept Crossover.

“The small luxury utility segment is the fastest-growing within the luxury vehicle market,” states Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett of Wantagh, Long Island’s #1 Volume Lincoln dealer, and ten-time consecutive winner of the Ford’s prestigious President’s Award. “Last year alone, it experienced close to 60% growth, and has grown over 200% over the last four years. The MKC Concept Crossover represents a great first step in Lincoln’s quest to establish itself in this lucrative area. By 2016, the company plans to have three additional all-new vehicles to go with it, so they really are making a serious commitment to be part of the small luxury utility market.”

If the buzz in Detroit is any indication — and it usually is — the MKC Concept made a very good first impression. Building on the foundation of the dynamic Lincoln design DNA at the heart of the ’13 MKZ, one can’t help notice its sleek, handsomely-sculpted body. The MKC Concept feature several other distinctive exterior features, such as an uninterrupted rear-view appearance that highlights its signature full-width taillamps. This is made possible by another innovative ‘first’ from Lincoln: a lift-gate design with a side-view cutline. And these are just two of the most apparent ways Lincoln’s design and engineering teams have collectively synthesized customer-focused solutions that not both enhance a vehicle’s aesthetics and provide maximum load capability.

Further amplifying the richness of the MKC Concept visual experience are the frameless windows, as well as the signature split-wing grille. The final touches to this striking exterior include warm, cream-based white metallic tri-coat paint, a t20-inch premium wheels with polished chrome rims, and a large fixed panoramic roof running the length of the vehicle.

The surprisingly spacious four-passenger interior continues Lincoln’s consumer-oriented approach to design initiated in the MKZ, with MyLincoln® touch technology, a stylish, fashion-inspired package featuring upgraded materials, and a distinctive push-button gear shift selector which allows for a flowing, expressive architectural center console design accented by luxurious detailing. Premium leather seats feature a unique embroidered Lincoln Star and crimson stitch accents. The same exquisite leather is also wrapped around the interior pillars, door trim uppers, armrests, bolsters, console side rails, instrument panel, and cargo area, all of which beautifully complements the open-pore and designer hand-dyed woods. Additionally, finishes like appliqués cut from layers of reconstructed natural wood infused with a metallic flake create a warm, glistening effect on the steering wheel, upper instrument panel, and door panels.

With the new MKC Concept Crossover, the brand also introduces today’s highly-discriminating luxury driver to the “Lincoln Experiences” suite of technology and signature content geared at enhancing both the driving and ownership experience. “The Lincoln MKC Concept is designed to strike a perfect balance between warm, inviting
comfort and the engaging and superb dynamic qualities of performance, ride, handling, and braking,” stated Jim Farley, Lincoln’s Executive VP of Global Marketing, Sales, and Service, at the Detroit show. “This balance is focused toward a new luxury automotive client emerging in the marketplace…someone who recognizes a great vehicle and demands a balance between all-out performance and comfort.”

“I think our customers, and the luxury driver in general, are going to fall in love with the MKC Concept,” adds Evans. “The next few months — and years — are going to be really exciting times for the Lincoln brand, and all of us at Hassett are looking forward to them.”