Hassett Automotive

When it comes to getting the job done, more guys trust the Ford F-150. But don’t take it from us; take it from David Koonce, President of General Shelters. General Shelters is a company located in heart of Texas forest country that, since 1973, has been building every type of portable and modular building imaginable. And what truck do they use to haul buildings (literally) across the state to their customers?

You guessed it. The Ford F-150.

See, David used to be a GM guy, but after driving a short distance in the GM truck with a building attached to it, he realized it just didn’t have the power he needed. However, in his F-150, David says, “the horsepower and low-end torque is there. I feel confident in being able to go anywhere with this.”


Clearly David has his mind made up when it comes to trucks. But what about you? If you’re still debating what truck is the best when it comes to work, come on down to Hassett Automotive and take one for a test drive. No truck gets the job done like a Ford F-150.