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That’s only the beginning of the beauty of Ford’s 2013 Focus-ST…at Hassett of Wantagh!


To everyone who has always insisted you can’t have economical fuel performance plus powerful acceleration, deft handling, and highly-responsive braking, Ford proudly dispels this misconception with the introduction of its 2013 Focus-ST with EcoBoost®.

“Ford really got it right with the new Focus-ST,” comments Lou Evans, General Sales Manager at Hassett Ford of Wantagh, the #1 Volume Ford Dealer on Long Island, and a leader in the New York tri-state region. “It’s revolutionary 2.0-liter, 252-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost® engine gives drivers all the power they could want while still managing to deliver an impressive 23/32 MPG rating, earning ‘best-in-class’ honors for manual fuel economy (using premium gasoline). In every aspect, the 2013 Focus-ST defines evolved automotive performance.”

In a recent article by Malcolm Gunn of Wheelbase Communications that appeared in the October 19, 2012 edition of Long Island Newsday, the author’s praise goes far beyond what EcoBoost® contributes. This includes how Ford designers strengthened and stiffened the Focus platform and lowered its ride height by 0.4 inches. He also pointed out that the shocks and springs were stiffer, for greater control, and the front anti-roll bar is larger in diameter than the standard Focus to limit body lean while cornering.

Gunn further noted that new variable-ratio power steering makes the new Focus-ST “a bit sharper”, while torque-vectoring control provides “improved agility”. And he didn’t fail to mention the “beefed-up brakes designed to more effectively arrest the 3,220-pound ST’s momentum.” When he added everything together, Gunn declared the 2013 Ford Focus-ST “a muscle car for the 21st century”.

All this excitement over economy. power, and performance can lead one to inadvertently gloss over the new Focus-ST’s stylish exterior and classic interior. “It has a sleek, exciting appearance,” says Evans, “featuring a front spoiler, mesh-style grille, chrome-trimmed headlamps, and rocker-panel trim on the sides. Ford also gave the new Focus-ST a number of exclusive additions, including the bumper with exhaust outlets and tinted taillamps, and an optional roof spoiler to reduce drag and enhance overall stability. And you can’t overlook the cool 18-inch wheels with Goodyear Eagle summer skins.”

“I think our customers are really going to love that Hassett can sell them this amazing new automobile starting at just $24,500,” states Lou Evans. “Along with everything else, Ford designed the 2013 Focus-ST to be as economically smart as it is ecologically smart. In my opinion, in addition to being a ‘muscle car’ for years to come, it’s also going to be the ‘must-have’ one.”

Stop in to Hassett of Wantagh and test drive the new 2013 Ford Focus-ST’s arrival!