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According to the New York DMV, there were over 125,000 car accidents in New York last year. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some technology out there that could help this number go down? Well Subaru is doing its part to make driving a little safer.

Introducing, Subaru’s new safety innovation: Eyesight.

Driving with Subaru’s Eyesight is like having someone in the passenger seat constantly on the lookout for danger. Whether you’re approaching an stopped car too fast, or struggling to stay awake, Subaru Eyesight has your back. Of course, you never want to have to test out a feature that will slow you down before a collision. But in the event that something happens while you’re driving, you’ll be happy Eyesight was there to help you out. Check out this video below for more information on Subaru Eyesight:

Eyesight is available in the all new 2013 Subaru Outback. If you’re interested in taking one of these smart yet rugged new cars for a drive, stop by Hassett Automotive. We would love to show you our wide selection of new cars.