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With all the buzz lately about the 2013 Fusion and the unbelievably good 47 MPG it gets, the slightly older 2012 Fusion has slowly been fading out of the spotlight. However, we would like to take just one moment of your time and remind just how much Ford has been stepping up its game lately, especially when it comes to the midsize segment. The Fusion, when compared against 19 other cars in the midsize segment by US News, not only took number one – the 2012 Ford Fusion took the first and second spot on the list of Affordable midsize cars (regular version and the hybrid version).

According to US News, “the 2012 Ford Fusion is a top choice among affordable midsize cars because it’s a family car that’s also fun to drive. The Fusion is the 2012 U.S. News Best Affordable Midsize car for the Money. It won this award for its low long-term ownership costs and high praise from auto reviewers, as well as its appealing driving experience.”

What’s not to love about the 2012 Fusion? If you haven’t driven a Ford lately, come on down to Hassett Automotive and take on for a test drive.