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That’s what we thought! Listen up. Right now, Ford is putting on a contest and the grand prize is the Mustang of your dreams (can you even think of a better prize?). And by “Mustang of your dreams” we don’t mean one of your straight-up Mustang’s at the local car dealership – we mean, you could be in the running for a V6 Mustang, a GT, a Boss, or a Shelby GT 500, with a paintjob you’ll absolutely love because it will be designed by YOU! So what are you waiting for?

Visit this website, watch the video, check out the rules, and get customizing! The designer with the most points at the end wins. You can get points by designing an awesome car, sharing it on social media sites (like Facebook and Twitter), and by having others choose your cars design over others. It’s that simple.

And for those of you who can’t even wait to get a Mustang, you can swing by Hassett Automotive anytime and check out or selection of Mustangs. In fact, right now we have several used 2012 Mustangs on out lot, all for under $23,000! Sound too good to be true? Come on down and check them out for yourself!