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Some people like to drive Sports Utility Vehicles for the extra storage capacity and other like to drive them for their unique ability to excel in an off-roading situation. Recently, a new breed of utility drivers have begun cropping up thanks to auto-manufacturers producing large vehicles that can also have a high level of performance.  Ford is planning to release a Sport variation of the 2013 Ford Explorer this coming fall and the vehicle looks like it won’t disappoint those who demand performance out of their utilities.

2013 Ford Explorer Sport - front three-quarter view, maroon

To put the Sport in Ford Explorer Sport, the designers of the SUV are going to drop at least 350 horsepower which will be more than enough to move the big people haulers from place to place with pace. Power will come courtesy of a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 which still will manage to return 22 miles per gallon on the highway. In fact, fuel economy only suffers 1 mile per gallon from the naturally aspirated 290 horsepower model which is a huge win for Ford.

Although the Ford Explorer Sport hasn’t hit dealerships yet, Hassett offers plenty of standard spec Explorers that give passengers plenty of comfortable space. If you like driving the standard Explorer, imagine a nice boost of horsepower, premium materials, and stiffened suspension to simulate the new 2013 Explorer Sport.