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On June 15th, NPR did a story called “Can Lincoln Be Cool Again?” where Sonari Glinton talks about Lincoln’s past triumphs and where the brand is headed today. According to the story, people in the 60’s knew that Lincoln stood for American innovation, luxury, and style thanks to people like Frank Sinatra and the Shah of Iran who both drove Lincolns. One of Glinton’s main points discusses the fact that Ford needs Lincoln because many of today’s standard features (like ABS brakes, fuel injection, GPS, etc.) got their debut in luxury automobiles. American luxury cars

Jim Farley, who has been given the task of revitalizing Lincoln, is currently looking into plenty of luxury brands that gained popularity even after losing their initial grip on the market. Thanks to him, Lincoln have a brand new in-house design firm featuring Max Wolff who used to work for rivals, Cadillac. In addition to new exterior styling on vehicles, Lincoln’s physical dealerships are also getting renovated to reflect the inherent luxury and performance that comes standard in these fine vehicles.

This fall Lincoln will debut the all-new MKZ flagship sedan which is the essential litmus test for Lincoln’s cool. With the new redesign comes a huge panoramic roof that’s retractable, a fuel-efficient hybrid model, and performance via the series of EcoBoost turbo-charged engines. The above video shows that Lincoln is not settling for a middle of the road, non-engaging design but rather a sleek stylish, innovative, modern car. For the launch of this model, Lincoln should take a page from one of its most popular sedans known as the Continental. When the 2nd generation Lincoln Continental launched in 1955 it was a completely unique design that is said to have had the highest quality control ever seen in the automobile industry. Other factors, like price (it was one of the costliest cars in the world) and clientele (Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger were all owners) truly made the Continental one of the most mythical and sought after cars of the mid 20th century.


Lincoln’s new design language can be seen on the 2013 Lincoln MKS, MKT, and MKX with the flagship MKZ set to hit stores this fall. Hassett of Wantagh is currently offering the Lincoln Discovery Drive Sales Event where customers can get up to $1,500 in bonus cash on 2012/2013 models and save big on the 2012 Lincoln MKZ with all-wheel-drive for only $189 for a 24 month lease.